I welcome the opportunity to create custom fine art for your home or office.  My painting themes focus on contemporary landscapes which can include figures depending on your preference.  All of my commissions are created with 100% archival materials including canvas, gesso, acrylic paints, and a finishing spray for sun and dust protection. I am happy to accommodate color requests and client ideas.  

Before I begin you can expect:

  • A meeting to understand your tastes, aesthetics, and general sensibility
  • Request to see the space in which you would like the painting to hang (this is not a requirement)
  • Discussion on size, your opinion on color, texture, themes, and your timeline  
  • A price quote from me
  • Collection of a 50% deposit

Once the painting is underway, it is my treat to share photos of progress with you on a weekly basis.  I do not do a lot of initial sketching, however, I will check-in with you on early composition before progressing too far.

Once the painting is complete we will agree on pick up, delivery, or shipping.  I am happy to deliver work in the Portland metro area free of charge. Final payment is due upon painting delivery. Previous client references available upon request.

My prices are based largely on size.  Selecting a standard size canvas that can be purchased "off the shelf" helps keep costs affordable.  However, if you desire a completely custom size I have extensive experience building wood armatures and stretching canvas.  This service can be provided at an additional cost.

Typical standard canvas sizes and their approximate prices.  
Final pricing will be provided at our initial meeting.

Approximate price ranges:

30"x30" -- $2,000
36"x36" -- $2,500
48"x48" -- $3,500
36"x60" -- $4,000
48"x60 -- $4,500

Work in progress - "Portland Spring"

Work in progress - "Portland Spring"

Working on Emma & Olive commission 2016


Jon & Linda's "Forest Sanctuary"
Acrylic on canvas 36"x60"

Forest Sanctuary

Jonathan & Marilyn's  "Emma & Olive"
Acrylic on canvas 36"x60"

Emma & Olive

Emma & Olive pose